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Bike Parking Systems

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Bike Parking Systems

How can I safely secure my expensive bike? Is there a better way than to use the bike stand at the subway station or parking lot? Hyundai Elevator’s Bike Parking System provides a solution to this problem. Hyundai Elevator provides a solution to this problem for the low carbon green industry.

We provide consulting services related to the development of public bike rental services and parking infrastructure.
Our professionals can provide turn-key services including planning, design, civil and architectural work, and systems installation.
We provide solutions for small scale as well as large scale bike parking facilities that can accommodate over 200 bikes.
Our systems provide users with convenient entry and exit and short lead times.
IT technology allows us to provide users with nationwide bicycle parking information.

Product inquiry : 82-2-3670-0753/0727,  82-10-4630-6491

Product Characteristics 

  • Protect bicycles from rain and snow
  • Fundamental prevention of bike theft
  • Maximizes bike parking capacity with minimum space
  • Unmanned automated system provides highest level of convenience