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Hyundai Escalator’s Characteristics

  • Streamlined design offers comfort and safety.
  • Steps can be assembled, disassembled at any point of the slope, reducing maintenance time (step disassembly takes approximately 20 sec.)
  • Use of the power regenerating inverter minimizes energy consumption.
  • Safe escalators that meets International Standards EN115, ASME, JEAS, and others.
  • Reliability recognized by CE and KC(EK) certification.
  • As the only Korean escalator company with a local manufacturing facility, we offer the highest level of customer satisfaction.
Type Application Capacity
Vertical Rise

World Class


W800 / ML800 Shopping center, hotel, department store, bank, office, and buildings with incline of less than 10.5m 4500 Less than 10.5m
W1000 / ML1000 6750
W1200 / ML1200 9000
H-Series HA800 International airport, subway, large scale sporting facility, international conference, and buildings with incline between 10.5 - 15m 4500 10.5 - 15m
HA1000 6750
HA1200 9000
Modular M800 Train station, bus terminal, subway, and buildings with incline between 15-36m 4500 15 - 36m
M1200 9000