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E-nosG’s Eco-technology

Energy Savings

High efficiency low-power LED lighting used in the ceilings reduce energy costs by 30% compared to standard fluorescent lighting, while use of power regenerating inverter LOWATT re-uses energy generated from elevator operations and can increase energy efficiency by up to 77.5%.

Green processes that protect the environment

Car walls are manufactured using an eco-friendly screen technique, eliminating the use of corrosive agents and using antibiotic finish coating instead. Effective eco-friendly processes such as the use of biodegradable materials is embedded into our product development process from the very beginning.

Health Conscious Eco System

We aim to provide our customers with a healthy environment through the use of touch-less buttons, air purifiers, bacteria sterilization, odor-removing ion-plasma type air purification, and anti-biotic handrails that minimize the spreading of germs.


Create a warm and soft environment through the use of pattern blasting technique with Fresia


Create a modern and elegant atmosphere through the use of an eco-friendly screen technique with wood patterns.


Create a refined and graceful atmosphere through the use of champagne colors and clear green tone points.


Create a calm and stable natural atmosphere through the use of a combination of geometric and natural patterns.

Energy savings of up to 60%

Energy generated by the motion of the elevator is recycled back to the inverter using a newly designed power circuit, resulting in up to 60% total energy savings.(77.5% energy efficiency increase)

Reduced heat emission

The energy generated from elevator operations is captured and recycled to significantly reduce machine room heat emission.

Convenient repair & maintenance

The inverter does not have parts such as condensers, etc., and is easy to maintain with a long useful life.

LOWATT is a revolutionary energy conserving system that can be use in products with capacity up to 24 persons and 150m/min.